International Volunteer Day Symposium

ARID scientific platform for Arabic speakers held a symposium on International Volunteer Day on December 5, 2022. The opening speech was presented by the Department of E-Scientific Publishing, Prof. Dr. Yasser Tarshani.


The symposium covered a variety of themes and topics, namely:

Scientific volunteering in the perspective of Islam, d. Mohamed Tata Tawfiq

Director of the Ikhlas Institute for Modern Islamic Education and President of the Indonesian Association of Presidents of Islamic Institutes.


- Voluntary Work Caravans for Adults and People of Determination, Prof. Dr. Samiha Pasha, University Professor - Certified International Trainer.

Purposes of Voluntary Work in Islam, a. Dr.. Muhammad Sheikh Ahmed Muhammad al-Hassani, Head of the Makassed Center for Research and Studies in Mogadishu - Somalia.