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ARID Scientific is a non-profit organization that allow free registration to achieve multi-faceted scientific goals.It was established by researchers and experts interested in deveoping scientific res

A scientific beacon for Arabic speakers

Namir Ali Hussain, The President
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News and Activities

5/11/2024 4:32:02 PM

A cultural forum for ARID members in the Maghreb c...

News and Activities

5/11/2024 4:29:22 PM

ARID Scientific and the Fiqh Council in Iraq parti...

News and Activities

5/11/2024 4:23:01 PM

International Volunteer Day Symposium

News and Activities

5/11/2024 4:21:42 PM

An introductory seminar on the Arid scientific pla...

News and Activities

5/11/2024 4:19:04 PM

An international symposium on the occasion of the ...

News and Activities

5/11/2024 4:11:59 PM

ARID Scientific signed a cooperation agreement wit...

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Scientific Activities

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ALIM System

Alim e-learning syst...

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Educational Courss

Professional, specia...

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The digital library

It includes the scie...

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Scientific Badges

The badges obtained ...

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Khibra Center

The center allows AR...

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Research Groups

Specialized groups f...

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Conferences and forums

ARID Scientific plat...

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A system that allows...

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Scientific content Curation Tools

A set of tools that ...

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Our Team

Our Team

Prof. Dato. Hassan Basri Awang

UNISZA previous president

Prof. Dr.Yakup Civelek

International Islamic Sciences Research

Prof. Dr. Raafat Mikati

Tripoli University president

Dr. Fadlan bin Mohd Othman

MEDIU University Manager

HE PROF. Moh’d Taleb Obaidat

Jadara University President

Prof. Dr.Youssef Muslim

Jerash University President

Prof. Dr.Mariam A. AlMaadeed

Qatar University Vice President

Pof. Dr. Abdul Hakeem Alanees

Dubai government

Prof. Dr.Alhasan Alsahbiu

Moulay Ismail University President


Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Univ President

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